Blue Orb Productions

What we are

Blue Orb Productions is a multimedia production company and indies label based in Osaka, Japan. The brainchild of producer/singer-songwriter/translator Deron Reynolds, Blue Orb Productions releases records of his many musical projects created at Studio Deez, his home studio.


The concept of The Blue Orb is metaphorically simple: we all live on a tiny blue orb in the universe. Our goal is to make it that much more tiny. We strive to help communication and imagination in creative projects based in music, design, the internet, movie, television.... you name it, we can build it. We strive to bridge gaps, to erase boarders, and create environments that will make creative ideas flow.

Making Music

Deron is a freelance music producer fluent in the Japanese language with first hand knowledge of Japanese culture and business (especially the music business). He has credits for several big-name J-pop stars such as Mai Kuraki, Ohno Aika and Rina Aiuchi, and has done work in TV, fashion and movies in Japan as well.


For information on the various services available from Blue Orb Productions, please him.

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